Welcome to Brighton Baseball Club


A bit of history…

The Brighton Baseball Club was first established in 1965 as the Brighton Jets.  Over the years it has played successfully under a number of banners including the Brighton Buccaneers and Hove Tuesday.  In 2016, the club put forward two teams to compete in the British Baseball adult leagues:  the Brighton Jets played in the country’s top flight National Baseball League, and the Brighton Redhawks played in the AA league.

In 2016, Brighton Baseball was very proud to launch a brand new youth league for boys and girls aged 6-14.  The youth teams had a very successful first year, with over 40 children joining the club, and U11 and U13 teams competing at a high standard in national tournaments.


Our Vision 

Our vision is to make baseball available in Brighton and Hove and the south of England for everyone: the 6-year-old encountering this sport for the very first time, the athletic teenager or adult who enjoys playing regular competitive games against other clubs, the ambitious player looking to represent his country in international baseball competitions, and even the baseball enthusiast aged 50+ who just wants to keep playing ball!!

We seek to provide a platform for players to:

  1. learn the fundamentals of baseball — hitting, throwing, and catching
  2. participate regularly in competitive practices and games
  3. enhance personal, mental, and physical skills in and around the game
  4. progress in competitive baseball from Little League through to the most advanced adult league in the country, with opportunities for children, teenagers, university students, and adults.

Baseball provides a fun and exciting opportunity to build fitness, hand-to-eye coordination, and athletic ability, and we are committed to supporting each and every one of our players in their development.  But just as important for us is the development of personal, teamwork, and leadership skills that our players will be able to use throughout their lives. Whether in practice, during games, or at a national tournament, we set a high standard of sportsmanship for our players, and encourage them to serve as role models in terms of their personal integrity, respect and care for others, sense of responsibility, and self-control both on and off the diamond.

Brighton Baseball Club subscribes to the Joint Safeguarding Policy and Equality & Diversity Policy of Baseball Softball UK, which also provides us with insurance cover.